Учебно-научная база «Беломорская» » Our station welcomes students from all over the world Учебно-научная база «Беломорская»

Our station welcomes students from all over the world

In August young biologists from Portugal, France, Albania and Malaysia joined the summer field course for SPbU MSc students. During 3 weeks at Educational Research Station they were getting familiar with the diversity of invertebrates in the White Sea, main trends in their evolution and patterns of ecological adaptations. Sampling at mudflat and rocky intertidal, kelp forest and gravel subtidal are all possible in convenient spots near the station which all can be reached by rowing boats. For trips to sampling sites located afar, like Yakovleva Bay, Kishkin, Vechennaya and Kruglash islands, we used two of the station’s vessels: “Professor Zavarzin” and “Belomor”. Sampling was followed by challenging work with identification keys and drawing of animals. Our guests stayed in “five-huts” and worked at “Friendship”, and have really good impression of the station. The feedback was positive, and participants think that this experience will be useful in their future career.